Domestic Installations


For domestic installations Install UK offer a wide range of Audio Visual (AV) equipment that can be professionally installed in your home. We are able to install TV Panels, Bose surround sound systems, CCTV systems and much more.

Room Control / iOS Control

Are you tired of having a different remote for every peripheral device attached to your TV?

Install UK has a solution for you - a simple interface that can control all of your devices from a single point. Instead of using yet another remote control we can control any device that is connected to the internet or controled via infra red. This includes Apple TV, and Sky; all of which can be controlled via an iOS Device. 

For more information on Room Control, please contact us

Humax, Free Sat Installations

Nobody likes to pay a subscription for viewing TV anymore. Our solution is to buy a Humax Box which allows you to watch in full HD, record, pause, rewind and fast forward with no monthy subsciptions at no extra cost. We can install a brand new satellite, cable and Humax box for a one off payment and then you have freeview, pause and record at your fingertips.

Any questions please feel free to contact us: - 01584 711119