Ludlow Racecourse Ladies day

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Ladies day is a very special day at ludlow Racecourse thst has grown over many years.

Women from all over dress up elegantly like in the early 19th centry & have there Photos taken for the judges to dificultly decide the best dressed lady of the race day.

The Judges

  • Becky Wall ( BEM )
  • Charles Wall ( A Plush Flush)
  • Ben Cooper ( BBC Bargin Hunt )

What we provided 

  • Large led Video wall
  • Bose L1 System
  • Catwalk
  • Blackout Curtain 
  • Radio Microphone
  • Background Music 
  • Camera & Equipment

The Large led video wall was used for showing a live feed from Racing uk while the ladies where being photographed and the judges where deciding, then when everything was ready we showed the ladies on the large screen as the called up by the compare to collect there prizes and walk along the cat walk. 


Ludlow Racecourse Ladies day
  • Ludlow Racecourse Ladies day
  • 8th May 2016